HABBIT wise creams

The healthiest ice creams ever made.

The lowest calorie ice creams in the world. Impossibly creamy, rich and tasty and available in 6 delicious flavours.

HABBIT super shake

One shake to rule them all.

The all-in-one daily shake for the family. Grade-A protein blended with essential fibers, healthy omega, vitamins & minerals for a super start to the day.

HABBIT APEX whey protein isolate

Unbelievable Performance. Amazing flavour.

Our most advanced protein to meet even the most challenging fitness goals.

HABBIT ACTIVE whey protein

Made for movement.

The essential daily protein for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

HABBIT green pea protein isolate

Cleanest. Meanest. Greenest.

The creamiest, most flavourful vegan protein you can get your hands on, made from hand-selected organic yellow peas.

Habbit Nude

Just Protein. No, really.

No thickeners, emulsifiers, flavours or sugar. As pure as protein gets.

health is a habbit

We believe the benefits of our healthy decisions compound over time. There is no quick fix solution to health. It’s an ongoing process, and we’d like you to enjoy it.

The Habbit Trifecta

Science that’s
light years ahead

We’ve spent years taking the science of nutrition from the lab to the kitchen. We have carefully formulated our recipes to pass every taste test without ever compromising on performance.

Taste that’s
out of this world

Gone are the days when you had to have awful tasting ciders, pills and food in the name of health. We make products that keep you healthy and still taste incredible!



We take our ecological responsibility seriously. Our products are made with the highest quality, clean and organic ingredients. None of that nasty stuff for you or the planet.

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