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All You Need to Know About Protein

All You Need to Know About Protein

Protein is pretty phenomenal if you think about it. It is truly the building block of the human body. It’s not just our muscles that benefit from protein. All tissues in our body use protein to build and repair.

So hair, nails, skin – these are all built from protein. Even our body’s immune system is built on this magnificent nutrient! Protein is essential not just for fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers, but literally, everybody needs it.

Everybody Needs Protein

9/10 Indians are protein deficient. Despite being an essential macronutrient, a majority of us consume protein-deficient diets. The lack of awareness regarding proteins is one of the primary reasons for this enormous number!

An adequate amount of protein is essential to build immunity, help growth for children, women and older people and aid muscle recovery and building.

Basically, everyone needs proteins, irrespective of age and lifestyle. How much, you ask? Precisely, 1gm per kg of your body weight. That means, if your weight is 60kgs, you need 60gms of protein per day.

Types of Protein

Now you might be left wondering, which protein supplement is the best for me? The best way to make a choice is by evaluating your needs and lifestyle.

All Habbit proteins are made with the utmost care. They are organic and natural, are kind to the environment and equally good for your body. The choice of your protein should align with your nutrition goals, dietary choices and lifestyle requirements.

What Should You Choose?

If you don’t have whey intolerance and spend a lot of time on the go, Whey Protein will give quick delivery of protein to your muscles.

Habbit Active is the essential daily protein for everyone – irrespective of age and fitness level. It contains some amounts of carbohydrates and fats to support and build an active lifestyle.

Habbit Apex is completely natural. With negligible lactose, fat and carbohydrates, it contains Grade-A Whey isolates for maximum absorption, helping you in meeting your most challenging fitness goals.

Picking the right protein source should not be intimidating and complicated. And that’s where the Habbit Super Shake comes in. Best recommended as a breakfast drink, it has over 30 micronutrients, fiber, vitamins, omegas and minerals for your daily boost of health. It is suitable for all ages – even children, while it is not recommended for vegans and lactose intolerants.

Plant-Based Protein is a great alternative for people that are vegan or lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies.

Habbit Green is 100% plant-based and made with organic yellow peas. Ideal for vegans, lactose and whey intolerants, it is supremely creamy and ultra-easy to digest.

So that’s the basics. A high protein diet can help you satiate hunger, repair muscles and keep your body healthy. If you’re looking for a supplement, make sure to do some homework. Look at ingredients and find something you’re comfortable adding to your existing diet.