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5 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

5 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

1. Protein Smoothie

If you’re looking for the ultimate post-workout snack, smoothies are the way to go. Ultra-versatile, and quick to consume, a protein smoothie is unmatched when looking to get nutrients on board soon after exercise.

2. Greek Yogurt

When it comes to nutritional benefits, greek yoghurt is a beast. It has macronutrients, including protein and carbohydrates that replenish muscles after intense exercise.

And even if you don’t do dairy, don’t sweat it. You can reap the same benefits by using a milk alternative.

A quick and delicious way to enjoy it is with some fresh fruit and even adding an additional source of protein. For our vegan and dairy-free friends, the Habbit Green is a game-changer. It’s a creamy and flavourful vegan alternative to whey protein.

3. Oats

Oats is the smart carb choice, especially if you’re gluten-intolerant. These complex carbs contain starch and fibre. In simpler terms, they release energy more slowly and take longer to digest than simple carbs (think white potatoes and pasta).

Good ol’ breakfast oatmeal, overnight oats, oatmeal pancakes and even oatmeal smoothies are just a few ideas that make for a filling meal. So you won’t have sudden spikes and crashes in blood sugar that usually leaves you reaching for the cookie jar.

Pro Tip: Add a scoop or two of the Habbit Active Whey Protein to your oatmeal to give it more flavour, sweetness and most importantly, a protein boost to make it wholesome.

4. Bananas

Everyday bananas are a portable snack you can enjoy immediately after your workout, offering carbs and potassium, two muscle-friendly, post-workout nutrients.

Add bananas to whole-grain pancakes, toss them in a smoothie, mash them onto toast with peanut butter or simply peel and eat. These banana protein pancakes are our favourite pick-me-up snack while sneaking in a lil’ protein.

5. Water

Yep. You read that right. Often overlooked, taking in plenty of water is probably the best thing you can do post-workout. You need to replenish everything you’ve sweated out!

To rebalance your salt levels and avoid feeling depleted, add a touch of sea salt into your water. Or instead of grabbing a sugary sports drink, try sipping on a glass of coconut water to balance your electrolytes.


It is true when they say that all healthy bodies are made in the kitchen.

Your body is at its highest metabolism post-workout. This means that it is ready to be fed and will digest and absorb nutrients rather quickly.

A wholesome post-workout meal (mainly with protein and carbohydrates) will provide you energy and get your body healing the tiny muscle tears that happen during a workout — which is how muscles grow.

Additionally, one also needs to hydrate and rest sufficiently to perform at peak effectiveness and to keep energy levels consistent throughout the day.